Cycle Charter

Rules of the Road:

  • Be respectful of motorists, pedestrians, and other cyclists.
  • Obey the rules of the road at all times.
  • Obey traffic lights – if you are going through as a group and it turns amber, keep going as it is safer.
  • Not to engage in confrontational behaviour (either jester, verbal or physical) with any other road user.
  • Inform the Club Secretary ( of any incidents, accidents or crashes on club spins. The Club Secretary will pass the details to the Club Safety Officer who will take the appropriate further actions as required.


Road Leader & Group Riding:

  • Each group should elect a leader for the session based on experience
  • Adhere to leaders instructions during spin.
  • Inform the cycle leader in advance or at some point during the cycle if you are Ill, injured or feel unfit for the proposed distance or pace. (Note: A tired cyclist can be a danger to the whole group)
  • Endeavor to be in the correctly paced group. Regardless of this, it should be a real exception that a cyclist is left on their own during the session. There may be cases where it’s not practical to slow the group down to a particular pace and agreement will be made with an individual.
  • Only cycle in pairs when safe to do so. Single out when asked to do so by the leader
  • Be aware on cycling tracks at all times. Cycling tracks often allow for two way cycling and are often have to share space with pedestrians.
  • Respect that everyone climbs at their own pace. The pace is not restricted while climbing. Riders will re-group at a natural stopping point after the climb.
  • Punctures and mechanicals should stop the full group in all but the final part of a session. In the first 2 thirds of the cycle two people should stay and help fix the problem, the rest of the group should cycle on for 5-10 mins then cycle back to pick up the others. In the final third of the cycle two people should stop and help the victim of the puncture but the group may continue on.
  • Understand that Bathroom stops do not stop the group unless organised at a natural break point or agreed by full Group.
  • Be aware of your fellow club mates – look at for someone struggling on a spin and call a slow-down in pace. Work as team.


Personal Cycling approach:

  • Ensure that your bike is fully serviced and roadworthy.
  • Never brake unnecessarily while riding in a group.
  • Call obstacles with hand signals and verbally where required (e.g car up/car down) ensure the gap to the rider in front is kept to a minimum. One wheel or slightly less.
  • Never overlap or cross wheels with the rider in front of you. Always make sure your wheel is behind the rider in front. THIS IS A NUMBER 1 CAUSE OF ACCIDENTS IN GROUP RIDING.
  • Endeavour to transition smoothly within the group.
  • Have working front and rear lights if cycling in winter or dusk conditions.
  • Have mudguards during winter months! RESPECT THE SAFETY OF YOUR FELLOW RIDERS AND BUY MUDGUARDS. You will get the use out of then in Ireland, I promise.

    These mudguards will fit any bike CRUD Road Racer MK3


Wear & Carry

  • Wear a cycling helmet (compulsory). Cycling glasses and gloves are recommended.
  • Wear club kit with pride.
  • Carry at least two spare tubes and a working pump.
  • Carry snacks/fruit/breakfast bars suitable for the distance.
  • Carry money for breaks and a fully charged phone.
  • Carry at least one plastic water bottle in your bottle cage, but always consider taking two in case you lose one or the weather is turns out different then expected.