Why Join?

We are a very friendly club, welcoming  beginners, pro triathletes and everyone inbetween.

We’re people just like you, at all levels but with common interests in triathlon, swimming, cycling or running. You will get good company, new friends and training buddies, and get advice and training from our Triathlon Ireland/Cycling Ireland  qualified coaches. There’s a friendly atmosphere at our swim, cycle and run sessions, they’re a great way to have fun while exercising and share tips and information. Our camaraderie and team spirit is energising and you may find that it will give you the extra motivation to keep going, or inspires you to push that bit harder.

Check out our Calendar and Facebook page, there are sessions almost everyday which try to cater for all levels.

If you are interested to see what happens at our training sessions, you can come to any three sessions without being a member. Swim try outs are free, indoor cycling sessions cost around €7.50, outdoor cycling sessions are free, out door run session on the track cost €2.

When you arrive make yourself known to the coach and tell them you are on a try out.

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Benefits of joining the club

  • Access to private low cost swim classes with Triathlon Ireland level 2 coaches.
  • Organised weekly swim, bike and run training sessions.
  • Weekend workshops and training camps.
  • Internal club competition based on your gender and age group.
  • Discounted entry to Triathlons events.
  • Discounted Westport Triathlon Club branded gear.
  • The right to wear Westport Triathlon gear and also be part of the best triathlon club in the world :)
  • Club social events: Spring training camps, club quiz night, summer BBQ and Christmas dinner and awards ceremony.

Membership Terms and Conditions

We have two club membership rates:

  1. Triathlon Club Membership: €50
    (You can join any swim, bike or run training session).
  2. Swim Only membership: €20
    (You can join swim training session only)

Membership renews every December.

Westport Triathlon Club is a registered member of Triathlon Ireland (TI) and members are required to purchase a TI license to cover them for insurance. You have a choice and can take out a training only (non-race) license or a race license.

The difference between the two licenses are:

  • A Training only (Non-Race License) costs €25 for new members and €22 for returning memebrs a year but if you want to to enter a TI sanctioned event you will need to pay for a One Day License for around €15.
  •  A Race License costs €75 for new members and €65 for returning members a year. If you have this license then you do not need to purchase an additional one day license. We advise our members to get this license if possible.

All members of Westport Triathlon Club must have an active Triathlon Ireland license to join in training sessions for insurance purposes.

By joining Westport Triathlon you will agree to follow our club constitution: