Club History

Westport Triathlon Club was originally called PulseWest and was set up under Pulse Triathlon Club in 2010. The club was initiated by Sebastian Locteac and Georgia McMillian.

The first meeting of Westport Triathlon club took place on Tuesday 01/11/2011 in Rice College in Westport where a large number of local athletes came together to express their interest. The club was set up to be a multi-sport arm of Westport Covey Wheeler's cycling club.

Westport Triathlon Club set up its own independent club and affiliated with the national governing body for triathlon, Triathlon Ireland.

The club starting organising the Westport Triathlon event which is now one of the most popular Sprint Triathlon in Ireland.

Since the clubs inception there has been a strong membership as local interest in triathlon and duathlon events has always being strong.

Over the last number of years, the club has continued to grow in both numbers and knowledge.