Training Plans

Training plans

Each member will have their own personal triathlon objective for the year. It might be to complete their first triathlon, to complete an olympic or half ironman distance or even to do an ironman. You may also want to compete for an age-group prize or even try to podium.

We will provide you with a personalised plan to help you achieve your objective whether you have 2 hours or 30 hours a week to train.

Our plans can be up to 10 months in duration depending on how long you intend to train and race. The plans are self directed for the most part but we do provide training support via WhatsApp training groups. The plans can be for Duathlon or Triathlon events.

The club subsidises the cost of annual training plans for every member to the value of €70. If you require more personal one on one coaching, you can make a special arrangement with our coaches Colm Casey (Triathlon), Ross McGlynn (Triathlon), Aoife Hamilton (Swim) or Barry (Swim).

The training plans are formulated by our club coaches Colm Casey and Ross McGlynn, accomplished triathlon coaches who have working with many of the top athletes in Ireland. They are based in Sligo and work with us remotely via Training Peaks and WhatsApp.

The training plans are delivered to members phone via an app on a weekly basis. The plans are managed using and sent to your phone via the TrainingPeaks App.

When the season starts in mid-October, the Training Coordinator will be in contact with you to get you set up with your plan and the app.

Each member will needs to carry out an initial fitness test for swimming, biking and running and the results are entered into TrainingPeaks and all of the sessions from that point are individualised to your current level of fitness.