Training Phases

Training Phases

Annual Calendar

The club’s annual training schedule is as follows:

1. 4 Week - Maintenance - Mon 3rd Dec to 30th Dec

2. 6 Week - Base 1 – 31st Dec to 10th Feb

3. 6 Week - Base 2 – 11th Feb to 24th Mar

4. 6 Week - Build 1 – 25th Mar to 5th May

5. 5 Week - Build 2 –6th May to 9th June

6. 4 Week - Race Specific – 10th June to 7th July

7. 1 Week - Taper -8th July to 13th July

8. Club Championship 14th July 2019


Training approach

Fitness and skills development is central to triathlon success and over the last number of years the club has endeavored to be at the cutting edge in developing its members.

We use a periodised approach to training which means that members build their fitness gradually in small adaptations week by week. When this is done on a consistent basis members will reach high level of fitness in a safe manner avoiding the flus, colds and overuse injuries associated with overtraining. We focus on slow consistent training at levels that are specific your current ability.

After 1 year of testing this approach with new coaches we are now confident of the results, our club national ranking jumped from 62nd last year into the top 10 this year! We also tripled the amount of national prizes taken home by individuals. We are also in line for 4 members to potentially win national age group prizes, which we have never achieved before.

Over the season we hold skills development workshops in the form of:

  • Swim video analysis
  • Open water swim
  • Cycling and TT
  • Run skills
  • Transition skills and practice
  • Stretching, strength and conditioning
  • Nutrition advice