Training Officer

  1. Divide the year into training block of 6 weeks with the following template:
    1. Block 1 - 6 weeks (Start 12 weeks back from xmas)
    2. Block 2 - 6 weeks
    3. Xmas Holiday (1 Week Break)
    4. Block 3 - 6 weeks
    5. Block 4 - 6 weeks
    6. Block 5 - 6 weeks
    7. Block 6 - 6 weeks
    8. Block 7 - 6 weeks
    9. Training Break (9 Weeks Break)
  2. Set out testing dates
    All testing dates should be scheduled for the last week on each training block
  3. The dates for training blocks and testing periods should be emailed to the club secretary by the 1st of November each year for inclusion into the calendar
  4. The training coordinator should ensure that all club members get a Training Peaks plan until the end of January (3 months).
  5. The training Coordinator will request the Training Peaks administrator to remove all members that have not renewed their membership by the end of January.
  6. Must create a WhatsApp Group consisting of the head of swim, bike, run and any coaches working with the club.
  7. Coordinate will the swim, bike and run coordinators to carry out testing on the specified testing dates.
  8. Is responsible for paying the top level coaches.
  9. Is responsible for overseeing that a triathlon training camp is run by the swim,bike and run coordinators in spring
  10. Is responsible for goal to be collected from members and plans delivered.

Club Coach Representative

  • Develop a Club Coaching Team, from Run leaders and fellow Coaches.
  • Represent the Coaching Team at committee meetings.
  • Work with the Coaching team to build on, and improve, the planning and execution of progressive training schedules- carried out by Coaches, trained Run Leaders and assistants; that are enjoyable, accessible, and suitable for all levels of ability and interest, and to help members improve aspects of their running.
  • Be aware of health and safety issues, ensuring that coaching is within a safe and appropriate environment, as per UKA guidelines.
  • Identifying/using skills and resources- e.g. candidates for ‘run-leader’ training, members with other areas of expertise,- accessing cross-training opportunities, links with other clubs/organisations.
  • To maintain an up-to-date knowledge of coaching rules, regulations and requirements.
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