Outdoor Swim Training Officer


  • Read the club constitution
  • Read and maintain the club outdoor swim charter
  • Ensure that Triathlon Ireland waiver sheets are available at all sessions, these will be provided by the Safety Coordinator
  • Ensure that all members sign a waiver before taking part in a session (training session, workshop)
  • Attend at least 8 club committee meetings during the year (race meetings are excluded)
  • Organise blocks
  • Ensure that interest is high enough to start a swim block and to avoid a loss
  • Organise swim coaches for indoor and outdoor swimming.
  • Coordinate swim training sessions as recommended by the Training Officer.
  • Ensure the club has swim buoys in stock
  • Pay swim coaches
  • Work with Swim Finance Coordinator and Treasurer to keep swimming profitable
  • Create new swim blocks in club shop.
  • Manage online sales and give refunds.
  • Prepare a one page final report of the years activities for the AGM
  • If you need to leave the role during the year, you commit to source a replacement and train them up on the job.