Committee Chair

Committee Chair


  • Read the club constitution
  • Hold a signed hard copy of the club constitution
  • Organise 10 committee meetings during the yea.
  • Attend at least 8 club committee meetings during the year (race meetings are excluded)
  • Work through agenda as supplied by club secretary
  • Direct all committee votes and hold an extra vote to decide a tie
  • Ensure that the AGM happens before the 31st of December each year
  • Ensure that the following committee members are elected
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Communications Officer
    • Volunteer Officer
    • Training Officer
    • Indoor Swim Training Officer
    • Outdoor Swim Training Officer
    • Cycle Training Officer
    • Run Training Officer
    • Race Director
    • Assistant Race Director
    • Safety Coordinator
    • Members Coordinator
    • Social Coordinator
    • Swim Finance Coordinator
    • Club Gear Coordinator
    • Women's Captain
    • Men's Captain
  • Ensure that each committee members provides a one page report of their activities for the current year at the AGM for inclusion into the AGM report.
  • Prepare a one page final report of the years activities for the AGM
  • If you need to leave the role during the year, you commit to source a replacement and train them up on the job.


Vice Committee Chair

  • Carry out the duties of the Committee Chair in their absence.
  • Vice Committee Chair will get an extra deciding vote in the event of committee voting tie.