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Club Member Benefits

Westport Triathlon Club is an association of athletes who focus on training for completing and competing at the sport of triathlon.

We are an association where all members are required to donate 20 hours of their time that is roughly split between 10 hours to running the club activities and 10 hours towards our club fundraising events (Quiz, Westport Triathlon) over the course of our year.

You agreed to this when you joined the club.

We have being assigning jobs to members as best as we can and we are aware that we have not reached out to everyone but we will get there over the course of the year so please try and accommodate us where possible.

One issue is that we don't know everyone's skill set so if there is something that you can help with or if you have a suggestion please send your suggestion to and we will get back to you.

Remember the main reason we go to the effort of having an organised club is to pool our knowledge and resources together and share the common goal of training better and enjoying this beautiful part of the world through sea swimming, cycling and running.

Why should I volunteer?

To date we have spent at least €4685.00 on members which can be broken down as follows:

  • €1500 Swim subsidization (The club reduces your swim fee by 20% for each block)
  • €1950 Training plans And coaching (The club pays €65 towards your training plan)
  • €600 Advanced skills workshops (The club rented out the facilities for the swim video analysis and workshop)
  • €400 Club technical gear (The club pays €20 towards each of your gear order)
  • €200 Sea swim buoyancy aids (The club has bought safety swim floats to make sea swimming safer that will be available in the online shop next week).

Keeping all of these subsidies running requires a lot of time and effort and we need all members to pull together and help the committee. I think we offer a massive return on the €75.00 membership fee and I'd say we are one of the most advanced triathlon clubs in Connacht.

See the full range of benefits here:

Its so important to understand that without all members offering to help and give 20 hours there will not be a club.

We are already planning new subsidies and those who donate and log 20 hours before the end of next October will be given options over the winter of:

  • 5 months of free spinning (Yes 5 months) or
  • One session of free swimming for 3 months

Members who take on Executive Officer and/or Head Role for race will receive more subsidies (between double and triple depending on how much responsibility that you take on).

How do I log my hours?

Volunteers must log their hours here:

Volunteer hours will be directed by the executive committee and head marshal Tom O'Flynn. If you are new to the club and are not sure how you can help then keep an eye out on the WhatsApp group and web site as we will be posting jobs there. You can also let  Tom assign you to marshal at other events that we support. This results in a marshal swap for our own race.

Remember that our association is only held together if any members are proactive and eagerly donate their time to the club as an equal.

Please leave a message at the end of this page if you have comments or questions.



Club Chairman



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