Club Gear Coordinator

Club Gear Coordinator


  • Read the club constitution
  • Attend meeting as required
  • Order gear for member to try on
  • Make order (Ensure VAT is included in quote)
  • No cash payment should ever be taken for gear, everything should go through the online shop on the website .
  • Manage the delivery of the order
  • Distribute the gear
  • Make sure that current sponsor logos are on gear
  • Prepare a one page final report of the years activities for the AGM
  • If you need to leave the role during the year, you commit to source a replacement and train them up on the job.



Every year the club should try and make an order for gear. The more club gear in circulation the more advertisement for the club. We are currently using this provider:

The current design of the gear will stay the same for 2018 and 2019 and the following sponsors must be included for the two years:

  • Dave's Garage
  • Symphony Kitchens

Members have different needs for gear. Member who have being the club for a while have many different types and new members need the basics.

Examples of basic gear:

  • One piece tri-suit
  • Two piece tri-suit

Examples of advanced gear:

  • Club hoodie
  • Running/Cycling jacket
  • Running/Cycling jersey
  • Running/Cycling shorts
  • Running/Cycling leggings
  • Running/Cycling Gilet
  • TT speedsuit

We need to order 10 of anything to make an order.

For 2018 I advise that you order tri-suits if you get 10 orders and that you check out the interest to see if members would like to purchase gilets.

The process:

  1. Provide a list to members of what they could order (Use the list above and what offer). via Whats App. Hopefully it will become evident what the club wants.
  2. You need a minimum order of 10 items
  3. Contact VeloRevolution and ask them to send you samples of what you want to order for people to try on. Get samples of male and female versions.
    Ordering samples, receiving them and getting people to try them on is a challenge.
  4. You can arrange time at the Leisure Center before/after swimming or leave some samples in the Leisure Center. Get people to pick their sizes and record them.
  5. Once you have 10 items to order and you know peoples sizes, I will create an online form for people to pay on the website. Once all the money has been collected in advance we will then pay the deposit on the order.
  6. The gear will take around 6 weeks to produce and deliver
  7. When is arrives distribute to those who paid.

It takes a long time to get samples, allow people to try them on, collect money, get the gear produces/delivered and distributed. So you need to start early.

If we do not get enough for an order, then we don't make the order until next year.

Velorevolution designed our gear in 2016/2017 so their designers will have all of the necessary graphics.

We also have some current gear in stock which is stored in the Leisure center.

Do you think that you could collect and manage this for us?


  • The club never deals in cash payments.
  • All money must be collected in advance before the order is made.
  • Make sure that VAT is included on the price that member pay via the website.
  • Orders made on gear are non-refundable.
  • You need to be careful to ensure that the samples we try on are the same as the gear we receive.