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Core Strength Training

What is the role of core training for triathletes? A broad interpretation of the core is any muscle in the region between the buttocks and the chest. All movements start at the core, and in swimming, the core could even be considered almost a prime mover – it is that important in generating propulsion. Core…

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Open water swimming stroke mechanics

Open water swimming stroke mechanics: Tips for open water swimming – beginners Swimming in rough and choppy water          

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How do you Breathe?

Hi guys, I got this piece from coach Mat Hudson with Total Immersion. For those of you having difficulty breathing when swimming, (even if you’re not!) its worth a read. Obviously, your brain handles all your daily breathing without the need for you to control it or even think about it.  But do you know how you…

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Open Water Swim Set

Open-water swim workout (total time: 60 to 70 mins) Open-water sessions are fun when done in a group environment and simulate race conditions with other athletes. It’s easy to go for an open-water swim on your own and do intervals, but that won’t prepare you as well for race conditions (with arms and legs are…

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Open Water Swim Warm-up

10 to 15 mins easy swimming warm-up 4 x (10 strokes hard, 10 strokes easy, 20 strokes hard, 20 strokes easy, 30 strokes hard, 30 strokes easy, 20 strokes hard, 20 strokes easy, 10 strokes hard, 10 strokes easy); 30 secs rest between each set 4x (20 strokes butterfly, 20 strokes backstroke, 20 strokes breaststroke,…

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Race bag checklist

Here is a generic list of items that I bring to a race with me. You don’t need everything on the list, but you can use it as a guide. Swim Swim hat Tri shorts Tri top/suit Tri Under Goggles Anti Fog Vaseline Baby Oil Bright-colored towel Wetsuit Flip Flops Bike Bike Helmet TriCycling shoes…

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2018 Competitions Plan

Get your hands on the club silverware for 2018. Take a look at the club league and championship rules and most importantly the prizes. Club Champion: Male & Female The Two Provinces Sprint  14th July in Longford has been decided as our Club Championship Race 2018. There will be both a male and female Club…

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Run Test

Warm-Up 30 mins EP with strides, dynamic stretching and some technique Main 30 min time trial on a flat course on your own. You need to use a garmin device to measure your average pace for the 30 minute segment. Hit lap as you begin the test and again at the end, the average reached…

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